Services & Training                                   

Here is a summary list of cost.

Private lessons: $40.00 an hour - this is for 1 two hour lesson a week! 3rd hour is only $35.00

Bi-weekly is $50.00 an hour - 2 hour minimum

Monthly Training Is Available *Call for Pricing & Availability

Group obstacle course lessons are offered *Call for pricing as the rates will vary depending on number of people in your group!*

Obstacle course rentals are now being offered @ $15.00 an hour per horse & rider *2 hour minimum* *2 people minimum*

Training Sessions last approximately 2 hours to which includes:                                                                                                                                                                            

Tune-ups, Competitive Training, Instructional Lessons

This is based on a horse that just needs to be trained on obstacles *de spooking, teaching bravery, softness & willingness + horse & owner wanting to train for competition level - open to english & western riders.

If wanting to compete (I highly recommend at least once a week)

Unfortunately I am no longer accepting unbroke horses, I really am wanting to concentrate on refinement & competition level training only.

We are now offering in hand obstacle training for the non riding horse. Such as minis & yearlings! This is so much fun!

Current neg coggins required to enter ranch - I prefer you come to me as I have everything I need  - Arena, round pen, 4 acre obstacle course & 100+ acres of trails for de-spooking.

Looking to have a few obstacles for practice at home? give us a call, we'll make them to your specifications. We also do full course design for competition!